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Afropean advertising agency opens in Ghana

An advertising agency, run by entrepreneur and advertiser Emanuele Nenna, has announced the opening of Now Available Africa in Ghana. This new model of advertising agency is specially designed for the African market as the first step towards the creation of a pan-African network of agencies with an international outlook and strong local roots.
The new agency, which officially opens on Wednesday, 20 February 2013 in the country's capital Accra, has already been invited to take part in three pitches for advertising campaigns for MTN, So Klin and Tata Motors.

The company, set up by Now Available in Italy and run by Emanuele Nenna, is now fully operational at its offices in Accra.

Now Available Africa was set up on the basis of an in-depth survey carried out in the last few months both with potential clients and local partners, following a merger with an independent advertising agency, Creative Eye. The agency is controlled with a majority shareholding (51%) by the founding partners of the Italy-based company (Emanuele Nenna, Alessia Oggiano and Stefano Pagani).

Pan-African objectives

The agency has pan-African objectives and a management team with a "combined European and African outlook". It is run by CEO Freddie Shava, an entrepreneur originally from Zimbabwe and previously managing director of Creative Eye, who benefits from the assistance and back-up of two managers with international experience: Tina Walendy (Germany) and Antonio Colaci (Italy), hold the posts of chief creative and strategic officer; and chief digital officer respectively.

"We are bringing a multimedia experience to Africa, a structure that is still lacking here," observes Nenna, CEO of the Now Available ad agency and author of the book Creative 4Cast. A New Solution for the Future of Advertising

"The clients need partners to set up businesses together and we have a clear message for firms: the growth of your business is our objective. Multinational advertising companies are only present in the African market as outposts, little more than simple representative offices which are generally strongly linked to traditional models of communication.

In contrast, we want to position our company differently. We provide businesses with the strategy and creativity required for an expanding market. We offer consultancy and business advice services which global networks currently lack. Compared to local agencies, we are able to guarantee European experience and professional standards. Our aim is that the Ghana office becomes the starting point for the creation of a pan-African network of agencies with an international outlook and strong local roots".

Colleagues from both branches of the agency in Milan and Accra are currently working together to create the new Now Available Africa internet site.

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