Elan Lohmann is GM of social networking and media at and Blueworld. He has been an online expert for almost a decade as publisher of News24 for three years and managing Sunday Times Online before that – establishing his knowledge in areas of online strategy, commerce, content and marketing. He is on the executive of the Online Publishers Association (OPA) and writes in his personal capacity. The views expressed in this column are his own. Read his personal blog at or follow him on Twitter at
Making advertorials work online

As knowledge workers, we rely on the Internet to gather information and help build perceptions about a company, brand, product or service today more than ever before. As a PR consultant, it is therefore vital to ensure that your client is well-represented on the Internet in myriad ways and on numerous websites in a positive light.

By Elan Lohmann 7 Aug 2007

Online creative disappoints at Loeries 2007

Being at the Loeries in Margate this weekend was amazing. It was a slick and festive affair full of joy and celebration. It was marvelous - but the state of online in advertising left me feeling rather deflated. For a start - only one online advertising contestant featured - and there was not even a sniff of a Gold or coveted Grand Prix.

By Elan Lohmann 1 Aug 2007

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