As MD of HDI Youth Marketeers, Jason Levin spends his time understanding what makes young South Africans tick. After a false start in the financial services sector, Jason spent 10 years in advertising, digital marketing and brand consulting before becoming MD of HDI in April 2008. Contact Jason on tel +27 (0)11 706 6016 or email .
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[2011 trends] What's up for Generation Y?

For most young South Africans, 2010 was marked by the hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, so what does 2011 hold for Generation Y and what trends will take-off in the months ahead? Connectivity remains key in young people's lives and, with even more technologies and mobile apps at their disposal, their appetite for social status grows.

By Jason Levin 18 Jan 2011

[2010 trends] FIFA fever and the youth

As the recession subsides into the euphoria of 2010, what trends will we see play out among South Africa's sharpest critics - the youth? The 2010 FIFA World Cup will take centre stage, but that stage will be shared with service demands, tech saturation and ad aversion. How can brands aiming to impress under-23s live up to these evolving expectations?

By Jason Levin 15 Jan 2010

[2009 trends] What will the youth get up to?

The traditional media terrain is shifting completely in the Age of the Prosumer. Marketers have a big role to play when it comes to investing in the wellbeing of young South Africa, especially in 2009.

By Jason Levin 21 Jan 2009

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