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Is BA searching for a new airline partner in South Africa?
After cancelling the arrangement with Comair in August last year, British Airways is scouring the skies for a new partner in sub-Saharan Africa. Who will it be? 2 Sep 2022 Read more

Airlines still scrambling to fill the gap after Comair's departure
It's been over two months since Comair closed its doors, leaving domestic carriers, the likes of FlySafair, Lift Airlines and Airlink with almost 40% fewer available seats. Since then, SA airlines have been frantically adding routes and increasing their fleets to steer away from inevitable price hikes and shortages. 8 Aug 2022 Read more

Summer travel in South Africa
Despite a lack of fanfare, the recent lifting of all safety regulations pertaining to Covid came as a welcome surprise to travellers eyeing South Africa for a summer holiday. 13 Jul 2022 Read more

Airlines vying for new international routes from South Africa in 2022
The airline industry is working hard to recover some of the losses incurred over the last two years to preserve jobs and keep tourism alive in South Africa and across the globe. Keep reading to see which airlines are involved and where they plan to travel too soon. 6 Jun 2022 Read more

How will Airlink's Durban to Harare flights benefit the economy
Airlink will launch direct scheduled flights between Durban and Harare, Zimbabwe from 5 April. The airline is confident that this measure will increase trade and cooperation between the two southern African states, both reeling under the effects of the pandemic. 8 Mar 2022 Read more

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