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We provide digital verification and payment solutions that empower businesses to onboard new customers with complete confidence. Keeping customer journeys optimised, fraudsters deterred, and revenue streams strong is our mission.
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The impact data breaches have on the individual - and what this means for businesses
You change your password regularly, you make a point of avoiding public networks, and you'd never do anything so silly as to use the name of your first dog or your birthday as a password. All of which means your data should be pretty safe, right? Not quite, says Junior Biola of Bitventure. 21 Jul 2022 Read more

Bitventure expands their offering by acquiring EasyDebit
Johannesburg-based fintech company Bitventure, a provider of state-of-the-art real-time automated verification and payment solutions, has acquired industry-leading smart payment provider EasyDebit. 25 May 2022 Read more

How businesses are streamlining the collection process with SDO and DebiCheck's real-time mandate approval
Strike Date Optimisation (SDO) and DebiCheck are two vital tools for improving the efficiency of a business's financial management strategy. Both services provide companies with real-time, unique benefits, including automation, flexibility, and reduced fraud, not to mention, both are fully integrated into all major South African banks. Each benefit plays a role in streamlining the payment collection process between companies and their customers, clients, or members, equipping your business with a comprehensive payment solution. 28 Mar 2022 Read more

eRICA and its role in customer onboarding
The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication Related Information Act, often shortened to the Related Information Act or RICA, is the legislation that governs the interception of communications within South Africa. Coming into effect in 2005, the RICA processes were initially completed manually, though, over the years of technological progression, RICA has taken a paperless and contactless approach, becoming what is currently known as eRICA. Alongside eKYC and eFICA processes, businesses can now use eRICA to quickly and securely onboard new customers remotely, with a vastly reduced risk of fraud. 2 Mar 2022 Read more

KYC in the digital world
Know your customer, or KYC, is an essential business tool for identifying fraudulent activity before it becomes a threat to a company's finances and reputation. Unfortunately, the traditional KYC verification methods no longer have a place in a progressively digital business environment. Thankfully, in the current day and age eKYC services are readily available - a cutting-edge approach ensuring that fraudulent activity is evaded with real-time automated solutions. eKYC services are accompanied by two others: eRICA and eFICA, all of which equip a company to efficiently manage identity theft and account fraud and high-risk customers. 14 Jan 2022 Read more

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