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Airlines move to attract more passengers as SAA returns to the skiesLow demand and fewer airlines meant higher prices for South African air passengers in recent times. Now with the return of SAA, relief is in sight. 8 Oct 2021 Read more

What you can expect to spring for airline tickets in SA this SeptemberDespite the travel industry's ongoing struggles, most major airlines are starting to spread their wings once again this month. Now that there's a little more competition for customers, can we expect prices to improve, or will they soar as airlines play catch-up? 2 Sep 2021 Read more

FlySafair flies the flag for South Africa in recoveryFlySafair is upheld as one of South Africa's most affordable and reliable carriers. Regardless of the challenges, this airline continues to deliver affordable and reliable service for both travellers and cargo. Here's what FlySafair's doing to keep things ticking over during tough times. 6 Aug 2021 Read more

British Airways flies British and Irish Lions to South AfricaSouth Africa might remain firmly on the UK government's red list, which strongly discourages travel, but that wasn't enough to keep the British and Irish Lions at home. Courtesy of British Airways, the team is already on South African soil and one match in (and up) on their countrywide tour. 6 Jul 2021 Read more

British Airways cautiously optimistic about flights to South AfricaWith SA still on the UK's no-fly list, residents might have to wait a little longer before jetting off with British Airways flight bookings. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have once again postponed resuming services to South Africa, but it's not for long. 3 Jun 2021 Read more

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