The Advertising Benevolent Fund needs your help

Who is the Advertising Benevolent Fund (ABF) you may ask? So, the ABF has grown out of the need to grant short term financial assistance to those associated with the business of advertising who find themselves in extreme difficulties through illness, accident, loss of support of the breadwinner, and unemployment.
Well, you may think, there are a lot of people in the media industry who need help, now more than ever. You’re right so we need your help to grow funds and then support those in need. Funds first then we apply the vital support!

Since its establishment in 1969, the ABF has helped over 400 families - total funds given towards grants in aid is just under R8m. During these extreme times, the ABF tried to prepare first and then assist those applying for financial donations. To do this we’re going to be running fundraisers to build our reserves so we can help as many people in our industry as possible.

Remember it could be you or someone you know so we are urging you all for any pledges/prizes that can be put towards our fundraising initiatives. Please get in contact with any of the committee members if you have anything you’d like to pledge or donate. From a company or personal capacity.

Olav Westphal - 082 7898 293
Connor Rogers - 083 5777 357
Brigette Simonsz - 074 941 2600
Facebook: @abfsa

17 Jul 2020 08:50