POD Communications provides corporate donation to ABF

POD Communications has provided a corporate donation to the ABF.
“POD Communications and the ABF Vital Support Fund have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship; they have often supported us in our fundraising events and becoming a corporate donor was just an extension of an already great bond,” says Sharlene Vallance, Executive Member of the ABF.

“Corporate donations are the life blood of the ABF. Companies like POD Communications have made a decision to stand up and be counted, their donation makes a difference in the everyday lives of people who were badly affected by the recession and simply cannot support their families If it wasn't for companies like these we would have to turn validation requests away,” says Vallance. “In the last month we have received four new cases, they are gut wrenching requests for help and it's during times like these that we need to make a difference.”

The ABF was set up to assist those in the industry that are in real need of vital support. The organisation continues to coordinate events which raise funds with assistance from agencies and businesses in the industry, and set up membership drives to raise regular annuity income in order to assist those in need.

The 40-year-old charitable fund provides vital crisis support to individuals in the advertising, marketing and media industries who have fallen on hard times. In providing a support structure, the ABF helps those who cannot support themselves due to retrenchments, redundancies, injuries or illness.

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23 Feb 2010 14:18