Admadmedia goes all out to support the ABF

The ABF Vital Support Fund has announced a media sponsorship deal with Admadmedia to the value of R70 000. The package includes three months of advertising on a 3m x 6m billboard, which is available to the highest bidder.
Sharlene Vallance, Vice President of the ABF says, "Admadmedia is a new player in the Outdoor media industry. We are honoured that a new company is investing in us and our cause."

Admadmedia has a fast growing portfolio of prime outdoor advertising sites that the successful buyer can choose from. Kyle Jones, Sales Manager for Admadmedia says, "The ABF's dedication and support of the industry is a very worthy cause that we support. We hope to provide more donations of this nature going forward to help the ABF sustain its cash flow."

Although the South African economy posted positive growth in all areas this quarter, people are still struggling to make ends meet. "Two new requests for assistance were emailed to me this month. We can only hope that this is not a backlash of the recession, or a sign that the economy is still in trouble despite what the results say," says ABF treasurer Riana Stander.

The ABF raises donations through its core membership base, corporate donors and fundraising events throughout the year. Another chief source of income is generated from media packages, provided by media owners similar to Admadmedia. These donated packages are either auctioned at a fundraiser or sold on to the highest industry bidder.

For more information, contact Sharlene Vallance at az.oc.fba@enelrahs.

The ABF is a non-profit organisation helping those in the advertising, media and allied industries that have fallen on hard times. Amongst its many contributions, the ABF , in conjunction with Lifeline have a dedicated 24/7 call centre line for people in the Advertising, Media and related industries who need counselling or treatment for stress, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse problems. The ABF also provides study in the field to deserving, underprivileged students with institutions the AAA.

21 Apr 2011 12:25