A mouse roars for the ABF Vital Support Fund

Copywriting group, The Roaring Mouse, has offered the ABF 10% of its income generated by work which is referred to by the ABF during September, October and November.
"With business being slow, prices skyrocketing, and more and more people struggling to cope, the ABF is stretched to give support to all who need it," says Sharlene Vallance, ABF executive committee member.

"This pledge from The Roaring Mouse is a wonderful gesture and the ABF truly appreciates pledges of this nature," she adds.

"This may not be the greatest offer, but it comes from the heart," says The Roaring Mouse's Shirley van de Graaff.

"Our writers include an international award winner, creative director, former Loerie judge, university lecturer on the psychology of advertising, and two of the top direct response writers in the country," she adds.

To get an idea of the calibre of writers who will be available to ABF members, visit www.roaringmouse.co.za. For more information, please contact az.oc.fba@enelrahs.


The ABF is a non-profit organisation helping those in the advertising, media and allied industries that have fallen on hard times. Amongst its many contributions, the ABF, in conjunction with Lifeline have a dedicated 24/7 call centre line for people in the Advertising, Media and related industries who need counselling or treatment for stress, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse problems. The ABF also provides study in the field to deserving, underprivileged students with institutions like the AAA School of Advertising.

30 Aug 2011 12:40