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You must have been a very good media strategist...

Because this festive season we're giving you 8% CTR and a 40% acquisition rate!

The festive season clutter hits consumers earlier and earlier each year, meaning they switch off earlier and earlier. Strategists need an innovative, uncluttered solution that actually drives people in store and is completely measureable. That's where the Festive Deals Folder within the Telmap Navigator app comes in.

Telmap Navigator has been delivering industry leading CTR and acquisitions all year. If the digital media you're using isn't doing the same then cross them off the Christmas list and spend on media that works as hard as you do.

The specially created 'Festive Deals' folder displays branded "shortcuts" which click to retailers' deals with more information. Allowing access of retailer's information at the click of a button (or touch of a screen) that creates a certain escalation in decisive buyers by providing customers with all the relevant information they need.
Telmap is a powerful platform for generating and tracking foot traffic to store as it offers location targeted advertising which guarantees greater effectiveness; says Sense Networks CEO David Petersen: "location-based advertising can deliver actual shoppers; this translates into real customer results." CTR's average over 5% and commonly top 8% with acquisitions on these averages around 25% -40%, making Telmap Navigator the industry leader in ensuring REAL WORLD ROI for clients.

Take advantage of this platform and deliver that much sought after ROI this festive season with Telmap's Festive Deals Folder!

  • Your Brand within the 'Festive Deals' Folder
  • All Clicks and Impressions included
  • Branded Widget diverts to Campaign Landing Page on click.
  • 100,000 banner impressions included to drive more users into your Campaign Landing Page
  • Full location functionality for you to track campaign performance:
    • Click to Call
    • Click to Navigate
    • Click to Map
    • Click to Coupon
    • Click to MobiSIte

With LBM taking the advertising world by storm any brand with a retail location that is not making use of this technology is not just standing still, they are moving backwards.

Contact Tim Bradley to book now before the opportunity closes
moc.enilnosmetsyspb@mit or 072 547 3470.

5 Nov 2013 11:11