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The power to help: KIA Motors South Africa to assist customers with service, maintenance and warranty concerns

  • Peace of mind that service and maintenance plans, as well as manufacturer warranty, is not impacted by Covid-19 lockdown
  • With South Africans’ movements restricted during the national lockdown, KIA Motors South Africa brings you peace of mind by ensuring that your vehicle’s service and maintenance plan, as well as its warranty, will not be impacted by the South African government’s measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 infections.

    “The measures we introduce today ensure that none of our customers will be compromised by the national lockdown,” says Gary Scott, CEO of KIA Motors South Africa. “To the extent that Covid-19 results in a breach of the normal service interval conditions, we will ensure that our customers can continue to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having an industry-leading warranty and prepaid service and maintenance plan.”

    KIA Motors South Africa will assist customers as follows:
    • Customers whose original KIA manufacturer’s warranty expired in March 2020, or is set to expire in April 2020, will see the warranty term extended until the end of June 2020 as part of KIA Motors Corporation’s global warranty extension programme, the ‘KIA Promise’. Customers will be contacted via SMS and/or e-mail immediately after conclusion of the national lockdown.
    • For customers with a prepaid KIA service- and/or maintenance plan, KIA Motors will relax the maximum service interval parameters (mileage and time interval) so that customers are not negatively affected by the national lockdown.
    Customers are encouraged to book a service at, or at their preferred KIA Motors dealership as soon as possible after the national lockdown concludes, to ensure that all necessary work is completed timeously.

    9 Apr 2020 16:35


    I wish this was the truth. My experience is very different. I purchased a Kia Sorento, and was very happy with the vehicle. The problem came as the car came close to end of warranty. During a standard service it was pointed out that the 4x4 was not engaging. The dealership said that they had cleaned the connections, but the problem was never resolved. Now the vehicle is just out of warranty and still the 4x4 is faulty. Poor service/ dont stand by their work. Not to be trusted.... that is my take..
    Posted on 7 May 2020 19:48