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Avios Credit Card activates loyalty via a Z-CARD

Mortimer Harvey has selected a credit card-sized Z-CARD on behalf of its client, Absa Card, as an identical paper replica of the Avios Credit Card to target potential Avios Credit Card holders during select shopping centre activations.
Avios Credit Card activates loyalty via a Z-CARD
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According to Gerald Harvey, chief creative officer of Mortimer Harvey the Z-CARD serves as a quick reference guide for potential Avios Credit Card holders to access information about the credit card and to direct them online, via a QR Code and website address, where they can apply for an Avios Credit Card.

"PocketMedia Solutions is a trusted supplier which we have utilised on many previous occasions. In this case, the Avios Z-CARD folds into the shape of the actual Avios Credit Card and the covers look exactly like the credit card," he adds.

The Avios travel loyalty programme recently launched its first international Avios Travel Rewards Programme in South Africa, allowing travellers to earn loyalty points (called 'Avios') for every-day spending and then use those Avios for British Airways flights within South Africa, Europe and other countries. Locally the programme is partnered with British Airways, Pick n Pay, BP, Avis, and Lew Geffen Sotheby's International Reality.

The Z-CARD urges potential customers to 'get off to a flying start with your new Avios Credit Card', and explains how card holders can earn up to 4500 bonus Avios with their first credit card purchase and a further 2000 Avios if they spend R12,000 or more in the first three months. "That's like flying one way from Durbs to Jozi."

Avios Credit Card also introduced a new and exciting online portal - Travelista. This new social media and web platform aims to inspire people about travel, fashion, food and entertainment, with the ultimate aim of helping more South African's become savvy shoppers, allowing them to travel more.

The first Travelista to share their insider tips over the next few months is dynamic presenter and television anchor Jennifer Su. Millions of South Africans are able to escape the mundane by gaining valuable and inspiring advice from a well seasoned traveller and red carpet jet setter. Just visit

For more information about the Avios Credit Card, visit

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18 Nov 2013 12:30


Mortimer Harvey