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BrandMapp is a unique South African dataset that uses a mega-sample of more than 30 000 respondents to profile the 12 million adults who live in mid to top-income households earning in excess of R10 000 per month. Now in its eighth year, the BrandMapp survey is a bespoke, independent survey that powers the WhyFive consumer insights consultancy.
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If you could only keep one loyalty programme, which one would it be?Pulling out a loyalty card at checkout has become a way of life for South African shoppers, but thanks to lockdown and a complete shift in our shopping habits, the average middle-class adult is now a member of almost nine different programmes. For the past 6 years, BrandMapp, together with loyalty specialists Truth have published a whitepaper that tracks and measures the impact of these programmes on our everyday consumer lives. 6 Oct 2021 Read more

Do middle class South Africans care about the climate crisis?Have you noticed that the planet seems to be throwing something of a temper tantrum? Western Germany has been roiled by devastating floods, Haiti has been shook to its core by massive earthquakes and wildfires are still sweeping through the United States. Rain has fallen on the summit of Greenland's ice sheet for the first time on record. The tiny town of Sitacusa on Sicily recorded what is believed to be the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe - 48.8ºC - which may not be hot enough to bake off a pizza but would certainly melt mozzarella in a minute. 8 Sep 2021 Read more

For SA's middle class, Covid is not the worst stressorAny measure of happiness in South Africa during Covid times has to take into consideration that we are a nation, already chronically and highly stressed by the impacts of obdurate social and economic inequality. When a mega-sample of 30,000 mid-income South Africans participating in the latest BrandMapp survey were given a list of 'which of these things keep you up at night?', the average respondent ticked off no less than seven items. 27 Jul 2021 Read more

How resilient is SA's middle class in Covid times?South Africa's economy was in poor shape before the global pandemic hit 18 months ago, so it's not surprising that we have found ourselves significantly short of breath before even setting out to climb the hill of Covid recovery.  And for brand owners and marketers trying to work out how to deal with changes to the landscape in coming months, understanding the real impact on how employment and income have been affected is clearly a strategic imperative. Put simply: How much money do consumers actually have to spend on anything right now? 26 Jul 2021 Read more

30,000 South Africans detail their digital experience during 1st pandemic yearIn the first year of Covid, across the shutdown world, digital has been a frontline worker. Internet connections, devices and apps have helped us to keep working, studying and going to school. More than that, at the worst of lockdown times, we've been able to still connect with friends, family and community, as well as shops, healthcare providers, personal trainers and bankers. Cut off from real-world culture, digital has also dominated keeping ourselves entertained. Of course, nothing has been ideal, and it may not have been easy, but many people have been keeping their show mostly on the road in these extraordinarily tough times, thanks to the new intensity of digital penetration in our day-to-day lives. 7 Jul 2021 Read more

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