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Business Positioning Systems (BPS) launches Vicinity Mobile Ad Network with true proximity targeting

The days of blind mobile networks cornering the SA mobile media landscape are finally over. Business Positioning Systems (BPS), co-founded by Neil Clarence and Daryl Van Arkel, are proud to announce the launch of Vicinity, a mobile advertising network that offers true proximity targeting to advertisers.
Business Positioning Systems (BPS) launches Vicinity Mobile Ad Network with true proximity targeting

Unlike existing mobile ad servers, the technology behind Vicinity allows the app or mobi site to pick up exactly where its users are, so that the ads themselves can be location relevant. The network can target users further based on search term, handset type, IMEI number, time of day or day of the week.

BPS co-founder Neil Clarence believes this is exciting news for both advertisers and publishers. Says Clarence, "Vicinity's technology turns any mobile property into an advertising platform that through location and context delivers user engagement. We have learned from five years leading the local location based media industry that true location and contextual advertising greatly increases results. BPS is proud to bring a best of breed location solution to the local market."

As for the advantages for advertisers, Van Arkel goes on to say, "Advertisers will now be able to reach their desired target market based on highly specific geographical locations - down to street level. We believe that the industry has been waiting for the right solution to finally place mobile in the centre of the mix, and are confident we are now able to deliver that solution."

Two leading publishers have partnered with BPS as founding partners - GoMetro and Yellow Pages. GoMetro CEO Justin Coetzee is excited about the partnership, saying, "Our users are constantly on the go, as they access opportunities in South African cities by means of public transport. This partnership gives us a hyper-local set of opportunities to our growing userbase. True location targeting is something only three or four players have cracked in the US market, so a real location play in SA is great for publishers like us that deliver time and space-sensitive value to our users."

The GoMetro app keeps users up to date with Metrorail operations, train schedules and disruptions on their phones by means of apps, mobi-site and Mxit. Following the Vicinity integration, brands are now able to target users at a particular train station based on on-device location detection and usage patterns and drive them to, for example, a supermarket chain whose stores are located near that station. Vicinity then gives the user directions to the storefront through the navigation back end, literally driving targeted customers into the store.

For Yellow Pages, Vicinity allows advertisers to target users of the Yellow Pages app based on their location, search terms and contextual interaction. This means that ads within the app can be targeted based on what a user is searching for, and their present location.

BPS plans to build up its network of publishers in SA and abroad, providing an attractive option to advertisers looking to deliver truly targeted messaging to their desired consumers rather than adopting the traditional "spray and pray" mobile banner approach offered by the "blind" display networks.

To take advantage of BPS's Vicinity location technology contact Dwane McCarthy on 072 209 5324.

9 Apr 2014 11:21