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Business Positioning Systems drive consumers to BP's fuels pumps

Location based media company Business Positioning Systems (BPS), in association with leading media agency Mindshare, have over the last 12 months built and optimised BPs digital footprint, driving consumers to the pumps, and in store.

Google Places Optimisation, Data Management and Interpretation

As the biggest mapping platform on earth, it makes sense that BP have a fully optimised Google Places presence. Using BPS' proprietary Google Places optimisation techniques, BP are consistently outranking their competitors, making it easier than ever for customers to choose BP as their petrol brand of choice. When a customer is searching for keywords related to your brand, and they are finding you across all location relevant searches on Google, there is no need for them to look any further.

A simple search for service stations in Johannesburg on the web as well as relevant searches on mobile, below demonstrates how BP dominates the Google Places 3-Pack results creating a digital footprint that outranks competitors is only one part of the BPS Premium Optimisation Service. Just as valuable is the huge amount of data gathered by BPS and analysed for their client. With millions of searches happening every day, BPS are able to integrate the data, with a location spin, and advise client on a variety of business critical elements. From which ATL campaigns are working when cross referenced with impression, action and search data from Google which areas are people searching for petrol but BP aren't servicing - a clear indication of where they should be opening new stations!

Web Search

Mobile Searches

The data mining and analysis is a fairly new part of the BPS offering BUT is quickly becoming critically important business intelligence for BPS' clients.

BP has always had a powerful brand built on global brand equity. With their collaboration with BPS and a best of breed digital strategy, BP are fast becoming a leading innovator in the digital world, not only for their fuel but their Express Shops and Wild Bean Café'. The brand has become a one stop solution for motorists who are being driven into the stations via Google Places on the web and mobile.

For more information on how to turn your digital footprint into real world sales contact moc.enilnosmetsyspb@selas

28 Aug 2014 14:33