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Location data you can bank on

As a brand with multiple real-world locations you know you need to be listed, and completely accurately, on a number of digital platforms that convert online traffic to foot traffic. You also may know that managing just one such end point, for example Google My Business, is a massive task that requires not only major expertise, but also plenty of time.

BPS has been handling this task for almost a decade, but is now raising the game with a new software tool, aptly named Location Bank. Location Bank ensures a centralised “point of truth” for your location data and helps manage your brand's locations across the digital landscape, all from one central platform.

We all know the term “Junk In, Junk Out” thus the importance of BPS’s four-tier data cleansing process to scrub your location data before depositing it in the Location Bank database. Your data is then pushed via API to numerous relevant end points, ensuring a 100% accurate presence across the web.

Location Bank ingests client data to the world’s largest mapping and directory companies (Google Maps/My Business, Here, TomTom, Apple Maps, Uber, Waze, Foursquare) and a number of lesser known but very important local directories.

Location data you can bank on

Location Bank makes changing or updating your listings simple and quick, as any changes made on the central platform are pushed out and changed across all relevant end points instantly.

Location Bank not only feeds location data out into the web, it also allows the BPS team to respond to and gauge location performance, customer reviews and optimise location ranking on relevant platforms.

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2 Oct 2017 09:00