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Google My Business posts - Making campaign communication at a local level a reality

Communicating with users looking for your business locations or type of business near them just got easier and way more powerful.

Google recently released a ”Post” feature within Google My Business (GMB) that finally makes real rich communication at local level a reality. It seems like the search giant is slowly moving all their Google+ functionality into GMB to make it a more complete and holistic solution for local businesses.

Google My Business posts - Making campaign communication at a local level a reality

The posts are visible for any brand search in both organic and maps search on desktop and mobile. Most of the big brands we manage at BPS are getting hundreds of thousands if not millions of brand or direct searches monthly which means there is a massive opportunity to communicate your latest offering to consumers who are already interested in your brand/product/service.

Google displays post content just under the NAP (name, address, telephone) information on a business listing which means consumers can’t miss the messaging, and because they are already engaging with the brand on a local level, the likelihood of them being interested in your campaign is very high.

Google has also released insights that make it easy to track the success of your campaign. Call-to-action buttons can be tagged and monitored in GA (Google Analytics) and Google gives their own Views and Engagements stats.

Posting to GMB becomes extremely powerful when running targeted campaigns by region or location and some of BPS' clients are already reaping the rewards of moving quickly into this space.

Aside from running targeted messaging, BPS is able to segment the direct/brand search data over time to determine search volume which can then be translated into more targeted messaging. The success of the campaign is monitored and strategies changed according to the actual engagement of users ensuring an already powerful mechanism is fine-tuned for greater success.

If you want to find out more how Business Positioning Systems can assist you with location-based search and management solutions – get in touch now!

16 Nov 2017 12:01


About the author

Gabriella Eidelman is Commercial Director at BPS.