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Your online reputation precedes you

In today's digital world your online reputation is everything. Potential clients have plenty of reviews to trawl through and if existing clients are unhappy they have plenty of outlets to let it be known and to share their experience. Unflattering reviews, pictures, half-truths or lies can be posted and spread instantly.

Business Positioning Systems (BPS) handle reviews across a number of platforms and are finding Google My Business to be, surprisingly, one of the biggest and most important review environments. Here’s why:

    1) The quality of review. Unlike social platforms, that can be simply places to complain, users tend to post both positive and negative reviews, and suggestions. As GMB is a ‘business before social’ platform users provide insights and comment on what’s working as opposed to getting on their soapboxes and complaining for their social network.
    2) Reviews on GMB greatly impact search performance. Its estimated that 10% of Google ranking is based on reviews. More reviews equal more views, leading to more reviews…it’s a snowball effect that can be extremely positive (or devastating) for any business.3) GMB is rapidly growing in popularity as a reputational platform. A number of big brands, especially in the QSR sector are seeing GMB reviews outpacing other social review platforms like Facebook. One reason for this is that on GMB users are communicating directly with the local store (or they believe they are) instead of a central brand page that feels a million miles away.

Handle your GMB reviews the BPS way

At BPS all our client’s reviews are synced into our Location Bank software platform. From there they can be sorted, analysed and responded to. Across multiple locations. From one place.

Our Location Bank tool means client’s online reputations are monitored, managed and moulded into a powerful ranking and marketing tool.

BPS Location Bank’s review management tool

BPS clients also receive a Biannual Reputational Audit and Insights Report that takes a deep dive into this business-critical area. The report breaks down your online reputation by location and makes sure you know exactly what your business is getting right or wrong, and where.

29 Oct 2018 14:24