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Websites are vanity. Digital platforms are sanity

All big brands invest heavily in their websites. Employing award-winning talent to build engaging sites that bring their brand promise to life. And most of these are very impressive...for the few people a day that go to them.
Websites are vanity. Digital platforms are sanity

For brands with real world physical locations their digital presence on the world’s leading apps, social sites, and search platforms are where their brand really connects with consumers many thousands of times daily. It makes a lot more sense for such brands to ensure their presence on Facebook, Google, Apple, Waze, Uber and WhatsApp is 100% accurate, and professionally managed, before they pour time, money and effort into their own websites. Yes, websites are important, they’re a critical part of your digital presence but if you consider the eyeballs they receive, they pale in comparison.

In fact, global thought leaders in local search Mike Blumenthal and David Mihm often argue that Google's Knowledge Panel IS YOUR WEBSITE and users don't need to go to your site anymore, as all relevant information is presented to them in the Knowledge Panel - Read more here

Business Positioning Systems (BPS) ensures our clients have an online presence that perfectly matches their real-world presence, leveraging your real world presence in the digital world. Here are 3 reasons we at BPS believe digital marketers need to make the mindset shift from brand website to consumer platform focus.

  • Invest where your customers are

    The numbers speak for themselves. Your Google My Business pages alone will get 100x times the traffic your website does. That’s one platform… then consider the rest of the internet. No matter how impressive your site is if consumers can’t find you on Uber or your locations are wrong on Waze then you're creating far more customer irritation than a beautiful site could ever undo. At BPS we see 1000s of sales leads going cold every month as brands are completely oblivious to clients asking how much the latest model of certain car is or if a certain restaurant delivers.

  • Objectivity

    From a consumer research and reputational point of view, reviews and Q&A on Google My Business and Facebook comments are far more believable than what your website says. If you claim to have the best coffee in Sandton on your site but your reviews say otherwise then your site’s credibility is gone, and not only have you lost a customer. You've lost all the others that read that review or comment.

  • Local SEO

    Having a managed digital location footprint is the foundation of your local SEO. We’ve seen clients double their Google My Business traffic by having consistent and accurate listings across all consumer endpoints. A well managed reputation across these various endpoints is the second critical part of your Local SEO. With these two elements in place you’ll outrank your competitors day in and day out.

    To take full advantage of the three critical components mentioned above you need to view your digital locations as a key business asset.

    That’s where BPS come in. Our Location Bank tool is a central database that plugs into the world’s largest mapping companies, websites and apps via API, pushing your locations out across the digital landscape, giving you a 100% accurate presence online. For any brand with multiple locations this should be the first marketing activity you invest in, not the last priority.

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  • 29 Apr 2019 10:15