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Location Bank launches, big brands invest

After a successful launch in June, Location Bank has added over 1,500 new locations under management during its first month of active trading.

Location Bank are excited to welcome a number of blue chip brands to the Location Bank family not to mention some great smaller new clients.

Location Bank launches, big brands invest

Location Bank is a digital location management company that uses proprietary technology to ensure its clients have a consistent and accurate presence across the digital landscape. Once a client joins Location Bank, their location data is scrubbed clean before being published across the internet via API.

Location Bank ingests data into Google My Business, Facebook, Uber, Apple Maps, Waze, WhatsApp, Here Maps, TomTom and other key end points (the combined Location Bank network covers 99% of all digital platforms).

The key message communicated at the Location Bank launch was that a brand’s physical locations are one of their key assets and that when leveraged correctly, this asset yields guaranteed returns. Returns that few other marketing activities can compete with – if you clean your location data and create a consistent and accurate presence using Location Bank you will get more customers.

Brands looking to secure their digital footprint, leverage their digital presence and protect their online reputation need to invest in Location Bank today.

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16 Aug 2019 12:55