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Location Bank pays big dividend

At Location Bank we are obsessive about data integrity across the online world, and absolute consistency in things like NAP (Name, Address, Phone) on all digital platforms.
Location Bank pays big dividend

We’ve recently carried out a study analysing the impact of a full and consistent presence across all digital endpoints, and how this affects your traffic on Google My Business (GMB). The client in question is a major blue chip and has 300 stores across the country.

Location Bank pays big dividend

As you can see from the graph, GMB traffic was plateauing at the 400k impression mark before we pushed the client's locations out to all endpoints. Within six months of doing this, GMB traffic had jumped 124%!

Google deals with search queries by ranking results based on perceived trust. One key driver of this trust is consistency on all major endpoints, but how do you get your location data present and consistent on all online platforms?

Location Bank pays big dividend

That's where Location Bank comes in. Location Bank is a central database that plugs into the world’s largest mapping companies, websites, social media sites and apps pushing your locations out across the digital landscape, ensuring your online footprint mirrors your real-world footprint perfectly. Think of Location Bank as a single point of truth that underlies your digital presence.

Talk to us about leveraging your digital location data to drive foot traffic from the likes of Uber, Waze and Apple Maps, as well as online traffic, as a result of a faultless location presence.

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1 Oct 2019 14:12