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Let's tap into trust...

Why do our Location Bank experts focus on customer review management? It's simple. Trust in a product or service is a major motivating factor for choosing one brand over another. Before buying offline, consumers look online for other consumers' reviews, because these are seen as unbiased and trustworthy - unlike an advert, where the goal is to place the product or service in the best light possible.

These stats from a recent study paint a clear picture...

  • 88% of people trust online reviews (even though these come from strangers, some even anonymous!) as much as in-person recommendations from friends and family.
  • 91% of people are likely to use a brand’s product or service after reading a good review.
  • 82% of people are likely to avoid a brand’s product or service after reading a bad review.

Bottom line? If you’re not shouting about good reviews,
it’s a missed opportunity to build trust with your target market.
How to put great reviews to work? In a targeted mobile advert...

Location Bank has joined forces with Vicinity Media to help you channel the power of positive customer reviews. Our exclusive offering, named ADtrust, combines Vicinity Media’s best-of-breed location based digital advertising with our dynamic, real-time customer reviews at store level in a world-first innovation.

You’re in expert hands with ADtrust

The success of this world-first solution boils down to the combined strengths of the two pioneering companies behind it:

  • At Location Bank, our focus is on the art of centralised digital-location management and reputation management for businesses across many platforms (like Google My Business, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Zomato, and Waze). Leveraging this digital presence is taken to the next level with ADtrust.
  • Vicinity Media’s ability to deliver precisely targeted mobile ads, personalised to the user with 100% accurate distance messaging from their local outlet, is unmatched.

ADtrust relies on these strengths to give your customer everything they need to make a purchasing decision: location-relevant offers, social proof to boost trust in your brand, and real-time directions for where to go and buy the product or service.

ADtrust is a world-first mobile-advertising tool
that puts the power in the consumer’s hands.

Let's tap into trust...

3 pillars for ADtrust’s success

REACH relevant local customers

Vicinity Media’s premium network of media publishers gives you unparalleled access to online users. Users opt-in to allow us to pinpoint their location and deliver meticulously targeted ads. Your fantastic offer always reaches the right audience at the right time.

MOTIVATE customer interaction

Vicinity Media tells the user, in real-time, how far they are from your store. Proximity incentivises in-store visits. This customisable distance messaging lives in your ad, clicking through to a landing page, where clickable buttons (like ‘Drive’ or ‘Call Now’) encourage even more user engagement.

SECURE customer confidence

Our Location Bank experts curate relevant, recent customer reviews, at store level, to include in your ad. This saves users time they would’ve spent vetting you online by reading user comments. In-ad reviews provide valuable, trusted social proof of your brand’s promise.

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22 Jul 2020 11:51