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Could these two local SEO errors be losing you money?

Shoppers today are increasingly tech-savvy. In fact, 84% of shoppers are researching products and services online before buying offline. If your brand isn't in the results when a customer searches for something you offer, you're losing out on a sale and the chance to connect with a customer. Time to address this...

The problem? Your local SEO strategy. The solution? The new hassle-free Store Locator plug-in by Location Bank. It generates an accurate and fully customisable Store Locator in mere minutes using data that's mirrored across all digital mapping platforms. This way, businesses can maximise their store traffic in the physical world by connecting with customers in the digital world. The result? A huge boost in local SEO that sees your foot traffic soar. Automated and effortless!

Could these two local SEO errors be losing you money?

Gabriella Pitt,
Commercial Director
at Location Bank,
explains that business
websites often trip up on two
SEO strategy points: synced
information and data poverty.
But, she adds, these are easy
issues to solve using the Location
Bank Store Locator solution.

Synced information

The Store Locator information on your website must match the data shown on Google My Business and other key online mapping platforms. If it doesn’t, your credibility takes a knock, which negatively affects your online search rankings.

Problem is, there are so many mapping websites and apps to cover; some are open platforms but most are 'walled gardens' that can't be accessed. The only answer is to use a fully automated technical integration. That's exactly what the Location Bank solution is. With the Location Bank solution, your Store Locator data goes through a four-tier cleansing process for accuracy, then it's mirrored perfectly on all other digital platforms. All the data comes from a single point of truth – the Location Bank database. Consistency sorted!

Location Bank's Store Locator Builder

Simply select what you want to display on your Store Locator...

copy and paste the tag from Location Bank onto your site...

within minutes, you’re up and running.

Data poverty

Best of breed store locators offer more than the shop address and opening times. Our solution will tag images, add business descriptions, customer reviews and more for you – adding this incredible data to your Store Locator further boosts your local SEO ranking. With the Store Locator installed, you also have full customisation of layouts and control over the data you want to show. Using Location Bank's Store Locator solution, those old SEO challenges vanish. What you're left with is peace of mind and better brand awareness. Isn't it time you sorted your SEO? Sit back and let Location Bank do the heavy lifting.

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29 Jul 2020 11:25