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BPS' Drive-By-Media closes the loop for Visa's airport promotion

During December and January 2011, Visa offered individuals the chance to win flights to any global destination by simply swiping their Visa cards at South Africa's international airports.

Click here to view the Visa Drive By campaign in action.

Included in the campaign communication mix was Drive By Media, the innovative platform from leading location based media company BPS (Business Positioning Systems).

The Drive By Platform utilizes BPS' software to overlay advertising communication onto the rental GPS devices hired from SA's leading rental car companies.

Daryl van Arkel, BPS Director, explains, "Our custom backend application creates a geo-fence around any digital location on the GPS mapset, once a driver enters that geo fence, an audio and visual message is triggered. In essence, Drive By Media is location based radio."

As travelers either left or arrived at the airport, a radio execution played through the GPS device, communicating the Visa promotion and how they could take part.

Van Arkel continues, "The media platform targets the business and leisure traveler market, we operate on 1000 GPS devices, reaching roughly 60 000 travelers every month. The market is niche, and we provide full reporting on frequency and cost per contact point, making Drive By much more measurable than traditional ATL. But more importantly, Drive By is a big impact medium - "they know where I am and what I need!" is the target market experience we aim to provide our clients. Furthermore this is the only medium with a "GO" button, meaning if the customer likes what they hear, they simply hit 'go' and are taken there."


  • Visa's airport promotional offer gives users the chance to win an international holiday when using their Visa Cards at South Africa's international airports.
  • The BPS Drive By platform communicates this message as individuals with rental cars are leaving or returning to the airport.
  • The message is delivered when users enter a 500m geo-fence surrounding the airport.

  • As the Drive By devices are collected and delivered at the airport, the Visa messages was communicated as users left, and before they arrived. Effectively cutting through the advertising clutter that airport buildings have become.


  • 128 340 LOCATION relevant messages delivered.
  • REACH 55 800
  • FREQUENCY 128 340


To contact Business Positioning Systems email moc.enilnosmetsyspb@ofni

29 Mar 2011 14:07