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BP gets "Pumped up for Summer" with Business Positioning Systems and Location Point Advertising

Ogilvy Interactive and mobile ad agency, 7 Different Kinds of Smoke, continued to deliver stellar results for clients; with leading petroleum company BP being the first petroleum retailer to experience first-hand how Location Based Marketing and LocationPoint Advertising in particular can boost a campaign.
BP gets "Pumped up for Summer" with Business Positioning Systems and Location Point Advertising

The campaign featured ads delivered on NAVTEQ LocationPoint Advertising to mobile consumers using Nokia Ovi Map-enabled smart phones.

Built-in calls to action including "click to call," "click to web/mobi," and "click to map" bolster consumer engagement with advertising, drive traffic to advertised locations, and enable the Advertisers to promote redeemable coupons, making the service unique.

Daryl van Arkel (Director at Business Positioning Systems) added: "We are really starting to see brands embrace mobile and GPS technology to deliver relevant messaging to consumers with the spin-off of greater customer engagement and better performing campaigns. In the search for increased relevance this technology can take communication to a new level of sophistication in customer need satisfaction. We have been advocating the revolution that Location Based Marketing can bring to marketing communication for some time and are excited to see top brands and agencies leap into this space and reap the inherent rewards.

The location-based campaign featured "Get pumped up for Summer" ads sent to on-the-go consumers of Nokia Ovi Map-enabled phones as they approached one of BP's 540 locations throughout South Africa. The ads enticed consumers to enter the "Get Pumped up for summer" competition by either getting a sticker from certain locations to display on their vehicles or entering via USSD at others which if spotted could win them a Golf GTI and other daily prizes.

BP chose only to use the 'Click to map/navigate" feature in order to drive consumers into their locations for competition entry.

The campaign stacked up as follows: 406,259 impressions with a click through rate of 2.84% meaning over 11,500 users clicking to the ad Landing Page. Aside from this excellent click through rate, just under 40% percent of users who clicked on the initial ad requested mapping information on their nearest BP, signalling NAVTEQ's LocationPoint Advertising power to convert clicks to paying customers.

The success of the "Get pumped up for summer" campaign has led to another campaign going live within LocationPoint Advertising in January/February 2012.

Another major benefit of LocationPoint is the comprehensive and in-depth reporting system with BP being provided with weekly reports on clicks, impressions and acquisitions down to a every single location! This can enable franchisors to report to franchisees on exactly what a campaign has done for them, allaying many a Marketing Manager's headache.

Location Point Advertising currently targets active Nokia OVI maps users. With the advertising inventory set to grow as more mapping enabled Nokia phones hit the market. This is complimented by a broad range of upcoming Navteq affiliate deployments in the months ahead and further activations of LocationPoint Advertising across other operating systems, mobile handsets manufacturers and connected Personal Navigation Devices. Navteq list as their publishers a whole host of applications that run on location aware platforms across a large spectrum of devices including Android phones (eg Sony Ericsson, LG, Red Bull Mobile, Motorola, Samsung), iPhone and Blackberry.

Importantly with this platform, call to action can be increased even further should advertisers offer coupons within the system. These fully integrate with Point of Sale systems to ensure full click to redemption ROI analysis.

To see LocationPoint Advertising in action follow the attached link.

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8 Feb 2012 10:54