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#BreatheEasierSA this winter with RespiClear decongestant range

Winter is here, and South Africans can now breathe easier with the proudly South African and highly innovative RespiClear® decongestant range from OBEL®.
#BreatheEasierSA this winter with RespiClear decongestant range

The RespiClear® range boasts steroid-free Nebs, petroleum-free Vapour Rub (with the hygienic dispenser), and preservative-free Drops for inhalation. All products are formulated with key essential oils, including Eucalyptus & Menthol, both with excellent anti-viral properties.

RespiClear® Nebs are the first steroid-free nebules for inhalation available over the counter, without a prescription. RespiClear® Vapor Rub has a unique hygienic pump and is further distinguished by being paraben, petroleum and turpentine free. RespiClear® Drops are also entirely preservative-free.

The nature-inspired formulations of the range combine natural aromatic essential oils of menthol and eucalyptus amongst others in easy-to-use formats. The range offers quick and effective relief of symptoms associated with bronchitis, flu, cold, hay fever and other conditions that impact the upper respiratory tract to give effective relief of symptoms and may further work to alleviate mucous build-up. These essential oils provide not only anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects but also anti-inflammatory properties too.

The RespiClear® range is suitable for the whole family, and the entire range is now available at Dis-Chem and Takealot. #BreatheEasierSA |

5 Apr 2022 14:18