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Conza's Biscuits named winner of the 2024 702 Small Business Awards with MTN

Last night, at the highly anticipated award ceremony held at Primedia Place in Sandton, the winner of the 2024 702 Small Business Awards with MTN was unveiled. Amidst the excitement of the event's return, Conza's Biscuits emerged as the distinguished winner, marking a triumphant celebration of entrepreneurial excellence.
Conza's Biscuits named winner of the 2024 702 Small Business Awards with MTN

"At 702, we recognise the vital contribution that small businesses make to our economy and society," remarked Mzo Jojwana, Primedia Broadcasting's head of content. "Through the Small Business Awards, we aim to celebrate the ingenuity and determination of entrepreneurs, providing them with the platform and recognition they deserve."

Conza's Biscuits impressed the judging panel with their exceptional product quality and dedication to serving their community. Their entrepreneurial journey exemplifies resilience, vision, and a deep-rooted commitment to making a positive difference.

In addition to Conza's Biscuits, the awards also celebrate two outstanding runner-ups: Sonwaro and Mo’s Crib, showcasing exceptional innovation and community engagement.

"Their dedication to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction truly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that we aim to champion through these awards," added Jojwana.

As part of their grand prize, Conza's Biscuits will receive coveted airtime on 702, providing them with a platform to amplify their reach and influence. Additionally, they will enjoy exposure on MTN's diverse platforms, further enhancing their visibility and impact.

"As proud sponsors of the Small Business Awards, MTN is committed to enabling the digital transformation of the next generation of entrepreneurs," said Songezo Masiso, general manager: SME and indirect channels at MTN. "We believe in the transformative power of small businesses and are thrilled to support initiatives that celebrate their resilience and innovation."

The 702 Small Business Awards with MTN exemplify a shared commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial talent and fostering a culture of excellence. As the winner, Conza's Biscuits will not only revel in their achievements but also inspire others with their remarkable journey.

19 Mar 2024 12:59