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It is more than just a domain name - it's an opportunity!

It all starts with a domain name!
It is more than just a domain name - it's an opportunity!

The slogan is simple and to the point but below the surface there is a double meaning. In general, domain names do not receive much attention in the business world. However, we believe they are far more important, ‘cooler’ even, than meets the eye.

Yes, a domain name is the first thing you register when you are in the process of putting a website together for your business. However, it is more than that; it can be the 'thing' that can make the idea in your head feel real. It is the easiest and most cost-effective way to take that first step from dreaming to doing.

Did you know that the domain name you choose will contribute to your credibility and memorability online and it can directly influence your marketing initiatives? Can you imagine how difficult it would be to market a long, or confusing, URL address versus a short and punchy one?

And then last but not least, we believe that a domain name can be an opportunity in itself.

Three reasons how a domain name can become a business opportunity:

  1. A domain is like real estate on the WWW

Buying and selling domains is a form of investment potential. Provided that you steer clear of registering a domain that includes copyright or trademarked names – you are free to register (and therefore own) whatever available domain name you can think of.

Across the world there are people who invest in a domains portfolio the same way that one does with properties. People are securing product or service-related (i.e. cars, plumbers, etc.) domain names, country, city, or provincial, domain names or future-event domain names, that will carry value when the time is right.

  • The right domain name can become THE business idea
  • Who said that the business idea always had to come first? Location, location, location! Similar to property, the right domain name sets you up for success. Sometimes the idea can start with a domain name, and with the right strategy you can build this ‘property’ into a flourishing business.

  • A domain can unlock other markets
  • It may all start with a domain, but it does not necessarily have to stop with just that one. If business is doing well, it is sensible to look at segmenting, or targeting, specific audiences. And you can easily do so with a specific domain name, or domain extension (TLD) that can help your marketing team target focus areas more effectively.’s Great Domains Rush promotion that’s currently running until the end of June 2022 allows all our customers to register their equivalent domain name in .africa, .joburg, .durban and or .capetown for only R3.00* each.

    If you’ve wanted to segment or target a specific geographical audience, ‘stake’ your domain claim now.

    While your relationship with may start with a domain name, our hope is that it won’t end there. We offer a wide selection of professional online tools to assist entrepreneurs: the perfect web hosting packages, a super easy-to-use website builder solution, SSL and antivirus security products and an advanced hosted VoIP solution – all right here at!

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    *Terms and conditions apply.

    17 May 2022 12:33