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Airtel drops roaming charges for African subscribers

Airtel Ghana has announced that subscribers on the network can use their mobile phones in all Airtel operational countries in Africa without paying roaming charges.
Marketing director of Airtel Ghana, Oare Ojeikere disclosed that Airtel's One Network means that subscribers who travel to any of the countries that Airtel operates in can receive calls for free and be charged at the local rates of their respective countries when they make calls.

"They can additionally top up their airtime using Airtel scratch cards bought from the streets of the countries they are visiting without bothering about roaming charges", he said.

This new development comes at a time when Airtel has added another country, Rwanda, to its operations, bringing the number of countries Airtel operates in Africa to 17.

"The One Network idea ensures that our subscribers pay less for calls even when they are away from their home countries, clearly this reduces the phone bills of the over 50 million subscribers Airtel has across the 17 countries we operate in," said Ojeikere.

Airtel Ghana has also introduced a series of attractive promos for customers who wish to use its network to make international calls to destinations like the USA, India, China, Singapore, among others.


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