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Vicinity Media technology revolutionises research methods

Local premium mobile advertising network, Vicinity Media, has announced a partnership with a leading global research house to flight a test mobile research campaign investigating the social grants sector in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape and KZN. Capitalising on its technology, the explosion of mobile ownership and the ability to directly reach location-specific individuals in real time, Vicinity Media is set to revitalise the field of mobile marketing and research in South Africa.

According to Vicinity Media, location-based mobile (LBM) research is a game-changing innovation that the marketing and research industry have been waiting for. Vicinity Media's technology allows researchers to target consumers owning mobile phones in specific locations or areas around client storefronts, without wasting communication on respondents who are situated outside of the research geography. Thanks to the nature of mobile, instant respondent feedback offers researchers a substantial saving in the time and cost of traditional research methods.

Client comments, "I love Vicinity Media's honesty, commitment and willingness to work together to make this a success. Location-based mobile research is a game-changing innovation we have been waiting for, as it allows us to target specific areas or around client's storefronts in real time without wasting communication on respondents who we aren't targeting our survey at."

Targeting mid-LSM consumers through the popular Go Metro app used by 50,000 commuters daily, Vicinity Media launched the test research campaign by delivering banner ads to Go Metro users in the target areas. Go Metro commuters received a pop-up mobile banner with the phrase, "For R30 airtime for mahala, click the web link to complete our survey". In 10 days the campaign generated 250 click-throughs, with consumers spending an average of 10 minutes on the survey site.

Darren van der Schyff, Business Development Manager at Vicinity Media, comments, "The beauty of this white label survey is that we held free reign on the creative - wherever there were opportunities to optimise messaging on either the landing page or banners, we were able to instantly adapt graphics and messaging to deliver the clearest call to action. We also ensured that we used vernacular phrases to offer relevance to the mixed demographic."

Vicinity Media believe that location-based mobile research creates the opportunity for research houses to engage instantly with audiences and evolve their data collection methods to align with today's mobile consumer. Unlocking response only from consumers in specific locations, with no time delay.

Daryl van Arkel, Vicinity CEO, says, "This new approach to data collection is possibly one of the most powerful, relevant and affordable mechanisms to obtain verbatim consumer preference on brands and services. LBM enables researchers to leverage our technology and publisher agreements to gain location-specific insights from various demographic categories. With millions of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets offering GPS, location-based mobile research delivers large volume, fast, in-depth insights unsurpassed by traditional methods."

Neil Clarence, Vicinity's Chief Operating Officer, adds, "Location-based mobile assists in addressing the diverse challenges of research. Our technology is a key enabler in providing research houses instant access and engagement with specific individuals in precise locations. Having a leading research house adopt our technology demonstrates the multi-dimensional opportunities available with LBM and solidifies our mission of bringing the Relevance Revolution to mobile."


Vicinity Media is a premium mobile advertising network that offers true proximity targeting to advertisers. Vicinity harnesses best-of-breed technology and location expertise to deliver street-level location targeting and driving mobile users into advertiser locations. Vicinity targets users further based on search term, handset type, time of day or day of the week, ramping up the relevance of mobile campaigns to never before achieved levels. Vicinity Media is bringing a Relevance Revolution to mobile.

23 Oct 2014 10:44