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Vicinity Media launches interactive rich media - A wealth of location targeting

Hot on the heels of adding the 300 x 600 full screen mobile unit to its creative arsenal, Vicinity Media now brings you the world's most engaging rich media creative solutions - all with precise location targeting.
Vicinity Media launches interactive rich media - A wealth of location targeting

The Vicinity Media Landing Page now allows motion and sensor controlled creative that brings ideas to life like never before. And using Vicinity’s location targeting you can be sure you only deliver these unique mobile experiences in locations that actually matter, across Vicinity’s industry leading premium publisher network.

The combination of accurate targeting close to your stores (or targeting a specific demographic by location) added to these new creative options gives your brand a powerful communication platform. Highly engaging and highly targeted – the way mobile should be.


Vicinity Media is a premium mobile advertising network that offers true proximity targeting to advertisers. Vicinity harnesses best-of-breed technology and location expertise to deliver street-level location targeting and driving mobile users into advertiser locations. Vicinity targets users further based on search term, handset type, time of day or day of the week, ramping up the relevance of mobile campaigns to never before achieved levels. Vicinity Media is bringing a Relevance Revolution to mobile.

Daryl van Arkel
Neil Clarence
+2711 021 8346/7/8

21 Jul 2016 11:33