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Vicinity Media releases Time to Location

Vicinity Media have released a new location-specific feature, Time to Location. Since releasing their Dynamic Distance Window and Custom Landing Page features last year, Vicinity Media's clients have been able to display either the distance to their brand location, or a location-specific custom message within banner and landing page.
Vicinity Media releases Time to Location

Clients can now opt to display the time it will take a consumer to travel from where they engaged with the banner and landing page, to the actual real-world location.

Vicinity Media CEO Daryl van Arkel comments, “Vicinity Media is an industry-leading 'click-to-brick' platform. Time to Location strengthens this ability to push consumers in store. Market feedback has told us that many consumers, in both South Africa and the Middle East, prefer ‘Time to Location’ so we’ve built the feature in response to their feedback.”

5 Jul 2017 12:25