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Vicinity Media releases Visitability Reporting

Mobile advertising network Vicinity Media has released proprietary geo-fencing and audience location technology that allows for real world visit reporting post exposure to a mobile web advertising campaign. Although visit tracking from App has been around for some time, such reporting in the mobile web space is a global innovation. Vicinity Media COO Neil Clarence comments, “From the research we've done, the global events we've attended and the companies we've engaged with, we believe this is a global first to market solution.”
Vicinity Media releases Visitability Reporting

Vicinity currently collects over 100 million 1st party data points every month. This data is used to determine session-based location visits, and visit rates. The collected data is session based meaning it is collected while the user/consumer is browsing on Vicinity’s Publisher Network and therefore limited to the duration of that browsing session. As a result, the collected user location data is only representative of a fraction of a user's time spent online, despite this, Vicinity Media have decided to focus on reporting actual store visits. Clarence explains: “We didn’t want to use stats to cushion our numbers. We believe real world visits are a key metric and more useful than extrapolated data.”

The Vicinity VisitabilityTM Report provides insight into user behaviour and movement after having been exposed to a mobile campaign. The report measures the effectiveness of a campaign in influencing user behaviour and conversion.

Vicinity Media releases Visitability Reporting

Report Metrics

The VisitabilityTM report includes the following metrics:

  • Visits: the number of users who have been exposed to the campaign and are then located within the brand’s physical location
  • Visit Rate: like the standard Click Through Rate (CTR) this is the percentage of exposed users that are then located within the brands locations
  • Impressions per Visit: this is effectively your campaigns ‘strike rate’ – How many impressions need to be delivered for a consumer to go in store

Vicinity Media releases Visitability Reporting

Vicinity Media CEO Daryl Van Arkel concludes: The industry is talking a lot about attribution, we don’t believe in attribution reporting because no one single media platform can claim to be the one that closes the loop. Those that do are using a smoke and mirrors approach. Instead our VisitabilityTM report focuses on pure, real visit data. Something our clients find more valuable than a percentage or ratio based on something that might or might not have happened.

For more information, please contact moc.aidem-ytiniciv@tisiv

2 Aug 2017 09:52