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Vicinity Media - Over 100 million impressions not served this month

The digital advertising industry is full of networks and companies that continually talk about the billions of impressions they serve and the huge reach they have access to.
Vicinity Media - Over 100 million impressions not served this month

At Vicinity Media we believe that simply adding billions of eyeballs to an audience just means delivering more and more wasted, irrelevant impressions. Its anti targeting. Yet go to any number of mobile network websites and they’ll throw their big numbers at you. This rapid, downward slide into irrelevance was one of the central reasons Vicinity Media was founded. Our aim was then, and is still, to turn these claims of serving billions of impressions on their head.

To this end, the Vicinity Media Ad Platform will not deliver an advert when we don’t get or can’t establish what we consider TRUE location, or when the user is outside of a geofence. We’re so obsessed with TRUE location that you could say that location relevance is ‘hardcoded’ in all we do...because it actually is. Our ad serving platform is hardcoded to pass back impressions that don’t have good enough location signals.

So while the rest of the industry throws around the 100s of millions and billions of impressions they serve, we decided a better measure should be how many ads we DON’T SERVE. In an industry when everyone is trying to serve as much as possible we think it’s more important that we don’t serve an ad, if its not the right ad.

So what do we do with the millions and millions of impressions we get through our premium network but don’t use?

Most networks and adservers who claim to be location based, will simply just deliver the impressions and report these to their clients as being location based mobile. At Vicinity we have decided against this path, even though it may be commercially advantageous in the short term. Instead we pass the inventory back to be filled by the very networks who make the claims above. Those same networks happily snap up our left overs for their clients. Now ask yourself do you want the real inventory or the left over scraps?

To date Vicinity Media has passed back over one billion impressions and well over 101 million this month.

27 Sep 2017 07:45


About the author

Daryl van Arkel and Neil Clarence are co-founders of Vicinity Media.