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Click fraud must fall

Mobile networks have been known to deliver 'suspicious' clicks and impressions from different cities, countries or even species! This is through no fault of the networks but is a side effect of mass scale and having thousands of publisher partners. Vicinity Media's location technology stops any potential false delivery or performance before it starts.

Vicinity Media only delivers within geo-fence, meaning the user is required to share their location - this location share filters out any illegitimate impressions or clicks meaning your media buy with Vicinity Media is 100% accurate.

With Vicinity now fully integrated with major ad networks you can place your network buys with us and be sure your client is getting what they paid for. Think of Vicinity as the “filter” on the networks that removes dishonesty from mobile advertising.

Users are required to share their location to receive ads on the Vicinity Media network, this filters out bot traffic meaning you get what you pay for.


Vicinity Media is a premium mobile advertising network that offers true proximity targeting to advertisers. Vicinity harnesses best-of-breed technology and location expertise to deliver street-level location targeting and driving mobile users into advertiser locations. Vicinity targets users further based on search term, handset type, time of day or day of the week, ramping up the relevance of mobile campaigns to never before achieved levels. Vicinity Media is bringing a Relevance Revolution to mobile.

15 Mar 2016 12:38