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Vicinity Media releases Dynamic Distance Window

Vicinity Media's Distance Window is a popular and award-winning innovation in the South African (and Middle Eastern) digital media industries. The window publishes the exact distance from the consumer's current location to the advertiser's offer in real-time and displays it within the creative. Until now the window was a static image, meaning advertisers had to allocate space for it within their artwork.
Vicinity Media releases Dynamic Distance Window

This is no longer the case with the rapidly innovating mobile network having released a Dynamic Distance Window.

The distance to offer now animates into or across the artwork; runs across the bottom of the banner in ticker tape fashion or the entire banner animates into a full-size Distance Window and then loops back to the campaign creative. This new feature, a global first, was designed with maximum flexibility in mind and is being adopted in Vicinity’s offices in SA and Dubai (and across Europe as part of a sales partnership with a leading mobile agency).

Vicinity Media releases Dynamic Distance Window

So, how does it perform? Initial testing with client Famous Brands indicated that consumers love the new feature. A recent Turn and Tender campaign was performing at 0.6% with the static window, this jumped to 0.91% when the dynamic window was introduced across the 300x250 ad unit.

Vicinity Media releases Dynamic Distance Window

For clients who want a completely unique Distance Window, Vicinity offers a custom Distance Window option. These creative executions use relevant brand icons to transition between campaign creative and the distance to the offer, creating a highly unique and engaging consumer experience.

12 Oct 2016 10:49