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Real location turns advertising into relevant content

Vicinity Media was founded to increase relevance in mobile advertising. The belief at the mobile ad network is that something as personal as your mobile phone should only receive communication that's highly relevant to the owner of the phone. Vicinity achieves this by using precise location targeting that results in location-enhanced communication.

The recent release of Vicinity’s Dynamic Distance Window and Location Ad Builder illustrate this clearly as Vicinity is now able to deliver custom location messages for client partners. By adding a location to the brand's creative the content is increasingly engaging to consumers in that location.

Brands can get more sophisticated by integrating unique location information into their message – something that goes some way to evolving advertising into useful content.

The Nedbank example demonstrates how location specific content makes the brand's message immediately more impactful. A home loan message, delivered in a specific area, with area specific property stats, is far more powerful than a standard home loan banner.

Vicinity media COO Neil Clarence comments; “We’re continually evolving our product based on market feedback and client requirements and matching those to our roadmap. The goal of that roadmap being to deliver increasing relevant and useful ads for mobile users. Traditional, and some digital, is still very much a broadcast medium but mobile should strive to be narrowcast and 1 to 1 in it’s relevance. Location-enhanced communication is an example of this increasing relevance."

Brands that work with Vicinity can deliver custom location messages at no extra cost, and no extra effort – Vicinity’s ad ops team will work with your standard creative sizes and give them the location relevance treatment as part of your normal media buy.

8 May 2017 09:29