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Grand Prix award-winning case study

In 2019 Heineken ran a campaign, in partnership with Vicinity Media, that aimed to discourage individuals from drinking and driving. The combination of location targeting, relevance and utility proved so successful that it was awarded the Roger Garlick Grand Prix.

Neil Clarence, Vicinity Media Co-Founder, comments, "The use of location-based mobile technology allows brands to get closer to their audience in two ways. Firstly, based on their actual physical location and secondly, based on the very personal nature of our relationships with our phones. They're our guides to the physical world around us and thus have a degree of trust traditional media can't replicate."

"The combination of true location targeting, our reliance on our phones to help us navigate home safely and the ability to directly integrate with Uber made this idea work. Hats off to the Heineken, Dentsu Redstar and Vicinity Media teams who drove this idea home, and in doing so, drove thousands of South Africans home safely."

Here's an inside look at the successful strategy and execution behind the Roger Garlick Grand Prix award wining campaign - enjoy!

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5 Jun 2020 11:17