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Perkins+Will transforms 1920s Greater Accra Regional Hospital into modern facility

Designed by international firm Perkins+Will, the Greater Accra Regional Hospital is the result of the transformation of a small, simple hospital dating from the 1920s into a modern, expandable facility. Originally a wood-frame building with 191 beds, the facility now stands on five levels with nearly 600 beds and more than 12 operating theatres to meet the country's growing need for quality healthcare.
Image © Perkins+Will
Image © Perkins+Will

Lacking state-of-the-art technology, the design team exploited other means to give the project optimal resilience. The facility is designed to operate independently of technology, electricity and water supplied by the municipality.

Maximum efficiency, autonomy

To achieve maximum efficiency and autonomy, the facility is designed to make the most of the resources offered by the site and its environment. Numerous systems have thus been implemented - some of the most basic are the recovery, storage and use of rainwater, as well as the passive cooling of the various spaces. All areas that do not present high risk thus benefit from natural ventilation.

Image © Perkins+Will
Image © Perkins+Will

Natural gas-powered generators provide backup energy in the event of a power failure. Water is also reused and solar heating is used to meet hot water needs. The choice of locally sourced, light-coloured exterior materials reduces solar gain while enhancing the cultural aspect. In this respect, the design of the facades was inspired by the Kente fabric, an icon of African heritage around the world. Concrete, wood and steel, the major materials used in the project, are traditional Ghanaian building materials.

Image © Perkins+Will
Image © Perkins+Will

Circulation and gathering spaces

The project aims to significantly improve the quality of life of both patients and their families, as well as that of medical, administrative and support staff through the way it meets their needs and expectations. Referring to the local architecture where circulation and gathering spaces have cultural value, the designers attached great importance to these spaces.

Image © Perkins+Will
Image © Perkins+Will

The Greater Accra Regional Hospital has become the largest hospital in the country to date. The project is also very sustainable, having been awarded LEED Silver certification.

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