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    Ghana's unstable building problem is about more than lax regulation

    Collapsed buildings are worryingly common in several large African cities. One study counted 54 building collapse deaths...

    By Festival Godwin Boateng 25 Jan 2021

    Paragon Architects highlights its Pullman Accra Airport City project in Ghana

    The 40,000m2 Pullman Accra Airport City Hotel & Serviced Apartments in Ghana is Paragon Architects' largest design project to date and is currently under construction in Accra...

    21 Aug 2020

    Upward trend in African mixed-use developments presents challenges, opportunities

    From the Cape's Harbour Arch to Cairo's The Gate, mixed-use projects in Africa are revitalising urban nodes and mirroring the international upward trend of creating multifunctional precincts in urban areas...

    By Tim White 25 Nov 2019

    #SACSCCongress: How green roofs can contribute to people, profit and planet

    Vacant rooftops across all major cities around the world are a dime a dozen. Their concrete surfaces aren't just a waste of space in a highly urbanised world, but also contribute to the heat island effect that afflicts these built-up areas. So why not farm on them?

    By Sindy Peters 23 Oct 2019

    Know your business inside out with a Biz Office

    New expectations of transparency and authenticity in business means things like organisational purpose, brand stories, how your company does things, what it believes in and what it stands for, can all play a part in how your company sees itself and how it is seen by others...

    Issued by 2 Oct 2019

    Circular cities of the world: What can green infrastructure do?

    As the population of the world's cities grows, so too does resource and energy use as well as waste generation. We can combat these issues with a circular economy that uses nature as a template...

    By Daniel Johnson 19 Sep 2019

    3 steps towards 'glass boxing' your company with a Biz Press Office

    Since 2001, Bizcommunity anticipated the role of company culture as intellectual capital. Biz Press Offices are a "glass box" game changer, offering a window into 18 industry communities...

    Issued by 23 Jul 2019

    Big completes WeWork's first micro-school with super-elliptic objects in New York City

    Big has completed WeWork's first micro-school on West 18th Street in Manhattan, the school aimed at focusing on children's abilities and revealing their talents at early stages...

    19 Sep 2018

    Hotel Verde Zanzibar opens doors to guests, promotes responsible tourism

    On 21 March 2018, Hotel Verde Zanzibar - Azam Luxury Resort & Spa will open its doors to guests for the first time...

    6 Mar 2018

    The real reason why cities in sub-Saharan Africa aren't issuing municipal bonds

    Cities around the world have been financing their long-term investment needs through municipal bonds for centuries...

    By Jeremy Gorelick 16 Feb 2018

    Primrose Properties Ghana receives follow-on investment for middle-income housing development

    Primrose Properties Ghana (PPG) has received a follow-on investment from the Atlantic Coast Regional Fund (ACRF) for the development of a middle-income housing community in Sakumono, Accra...

    9 Oct 2017

    2017 Africa Property Investment (API) Awards winners announced

    The 2017 Africa Property Investment (API) Awards was held on Thursday, 24 August, recognising property developers, suppliers and owners in sub-Saharan Africa across seven categories...

    30 Aug 2017

    Hilton Worldwide announces line-up of hotel firsts for Africa

    Hilton Worldwide announced new properties and extensions at AHIF. Among the new hotels agreed is Africa's first modular build hotel, Africa's tallest hotel in Nairobi, and...

    4 Oct 2016

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