Jacqueline Raw

Sales and Marketing Strategist at Ycagel
Location:South Africa


Jacqueline Raw is a Sales and Marketing Strategist. She is the founder of Ycagel, a Marketing consulting and services firm and SkillX an online skills incubator for entrepreneurs and professionals. As a thought-leader and influencer in her markets, she is passionate about driving change and equipping people with the skills they need to grow successful businesses and brands.
Online learning is every entrepreneur's silver bullet

If you own your own business, staying ahead of the competition by keeping your skills sharp and current goes without saying...

By Jacqueline Raw 12 Feb 2020

How to win on social media in 2020

Most businesses understand the impact that social media can have on their business and are keen to increase engagement, generate leads and increase brand awareness. But, are they winning?...

By Jacqueline Raw 29 Jan 2020

5 laws of influence

We are all subject to influence - we're either being influenced, or we are influencing, there simply is no middle ground. Understanding influence and how to positively leverage it enables us to be better leaders and entrepreneurs...

By Jacqueline Raw 24 Dec 2019

3 ways to leverage social media the right way

There is no denying that social media is a powerful tool to generate leads, build brands and grow businesses...

By Jacqueline Raw 23 Oct 2019

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