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    Ghana's Ezekiel Chibeze wins top award honouring grassroots environmental activists

    Ghanaian environmental activist Ezekiel Chibeze has been awarded the 2020 Goldman Environmental Prize. He received the global prize, which honours grassroots environmental activists, for his commitment to pushing for good governance in Ghana's environmental sector and for his climate leadership in Ghana, across Africa and globally.
    Ezekiel Chibeze, winner of the 2020 Goldman Environmental Prize
    Past Goldman Environmental Prize winners from Africa include Wangari Maathai, renowned Kenyan social, environmental and political activist; Ken Saro-Wiwa, Nigerian writer who fought for environmental justice and human rights; and South African activists Makoma Lekalakala and Liz McDaid.

    Through 350 Ghana Reducing our Carbon (G-ROC), an environmental grassroots organisation in Ghana affiliated to, Chibeze champions for climate justice while raising awareness about the possibility of a carbon-free future and the potential of renewable energy in Ghana.

    Shining a spotlight on the climate crisis

    Said Landry Ninteretse, Africa team leader at “Africa's youth have been calling for climate justice that would see a transition from fossil fuels and building climate resilient economies powered by renewables. This is exactly what Chibeze and the G-ROC team have been fighting for. As a climate leader, Chibeze has shone a spotlight on the climate crisis while helping his country Ghana to think of a socially and environmentally just, zero carbon future.

    Africa must be at the heart of climate negotiations

    In 2020, countries were to come forward with plans for stronger emissions cuts to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement...

    23 Nov 2020

    "Chibeze has been a strong voice of the youth and grassroots groups. The recognition of his and other allies' work shows that collective efforts through community organising and campaigning can empower ordinary people to demand their rights and overcome social injustices and achieve inspiring wins for thousands of grassroots activists, frontline communities and local groups of Africa and beyond working for real climate justice.”

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