Electricity is vital for improving the quality of life of many in rural sub-Saharan Africa.
Source: USAID_images/Flickr
Climate change threatens age-old indigenous food systems
Billions in export revenue at risk if suppliers don't cut carbon emissions - study
Luxury fashion label Chanel invests $25m in new climate adaptation fund
Climate change: 6 priorities for pulling carbon out of the air
IIASA researchers produce new framework to enhance national climate action
Solar minibuses for Africa? Data seen as key to green transport switch
Futuristic computer game hopes to be tonic for climate change anxiety
Climate-friendly farming strategies can improve the land and generate income for farmers
Credit: L'Oréal Group
Covid-19 economic impact failed to put brakes on climate change - WMO report
Heineken sets goal to be carbon neutral in production by 2030
To what extent does climate change affect food insecurity? What we found in Lesotho
Plastic is part of the carbon cycle and needs to be included in climate calculations
SA venture to benefit from new Mondelez impact investing platform
How new design patterns can enable cities and their residents to change with climate change
Registration for Elon Musk's $100m carbon capture competition opens April
Solar panels in Sahara could boost renewable energy but damage the global climate - here's why
5 climate trends for 2021
What is sustainability accounting? What does ESG mean? We have answers

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